We are specialized in the railway industry, transportation, construction, mining, telecommunications and energy sectors.


In Arekuna we are a specialized company in project management for government entities and private companies in the transportation, construction, mining, telecommunications, and industry sectors in general for all Latin American countries and the Caribbean. Our offices are located in Weston, Florida and we have subsidiaries in Venezuela, Peru and Colombia.

Your Arekuna Team


We seek to encourage efficient trade operations between Latin American countries, the United States, Europe and Asia. We achieve this through effective management and the knowledge acquired through our long history and experience, being aware of the latest in world markets.


Our main objective is to provide the maximum added value to our partners.
Arekuna seeks a key positioning in the management of large-scale projects, through integrated solutions that allow the development and sustainable growth necessary for Latin American countries, through the satisfaction of their economic needs and integration within today’s globalized and competitive markets.


Provide strategic advice and quality products and services at the best costs to companies and governmental entities of Latin American countries, mainly in the transportation, energy, mining, industry and telecommunications sectors.



Our team is always seeking professional excellence, and that is the best guarantee of quality of our services in all our areas of activity, always considering moral and work ethic.


Innovation is the engine that drives us; we always brainstorm to achieve different and better results.


We always act within the framework of the most rigorous ethical and legal principles.


Our employees seek to give the best of themselves from every point of view, and are willing to take on challenges for the success of the organization.


Our clients know that our company is consistent in its daily actions to fulfill its mission and vision, we know what we do in a comprehensive manner, with permanent quality assurance, and carefully controlling all processes.


Our desire to help and serve our customers is inherent in us; we seek to understand and satisfy your needs and strive to solve your problems.