Our Services

  • We mainly offer integrated turnkey project solutions to strategic partners in the transportation, construction, energy, telecommunications, mining and industrial sectors. From the conceptual stage to the final service, we offer quality assurance through design, testing, implementation, induction, monitoring and control, as well as development and maintenance.
  • Our competitive advantages allow the client to spend less time and resources to find the best suppliers worldwide, the amounts to be invested in the project are clear from the beginning, avoiding unexpected setbacks and risks. We also make sure that project deadlines are also clear from the beginning, which allows controlled time management.
  • Therefore, the company in charge has control over the management of the entire project, which allows adequate coordination and better communication between everyone involved.
International Agent for Latin American Companies

In Arekuna we offer a comprehensive range of internationalization services and a multinational network of strategic partners that guarantee success in the offshore establishment of companies in Latin America, in which export is a step towards the true internationalization of the functional areas of the company.

We offer internationalization plans for companies, as well as optimization and commercial dynamization through a multinational approach.

We rely on the development of a proactive and structured approach, avoiding wasting time and resources with opportunities that may not be effective.

Arekuna offers efficient management when purchasing goods and services in the international market. We have extensive experience in the identification, qualification and selection of the best suppliers, with the best required standards, complying with international certifications.

Our process is based on:
  • Identifying needs
  • Technical specifications
  • Selection and qualification of suppliers
  • Purchase orders
  • Purchasing process management
  • Qualification of production and manufacturing processes
  • Quality assurance
  • Induction and qualification
  • Integrated transport and logistics management

Integrated International Purchases Management

Service Management

Arekuna acts as the client’s representative when it comes to project management, exercising control and implementation of technical stages in the areas of Engineering, Technology and Railway Technical Service, with regard to roads, rolling stock and train parts, among others.
  • Time, quality and budget management
  • Quality assurance of materials and equipment
  • Project coordination and supervision
  • Functional tests and project start-up
  • Creation of plans
  • Acquisition of technology
In Arekuna we also offer export advisory services to manufacturers in Europe, Asia and the United States who wish to expand into the Latin American and Caribbean markets. We put at your disposal our extensive experience and knowledge of the Latin American markets.

That is why we carry out a complete analysis of costs, legal studies, marketing research and commercialization, in order to evaluate efficiently the viability of penetration in the target markets. We identify local agents, distributors and customs warehouses in the countries of destination or in transit to these countries.

Strategic Advice for the penetration of Emerging Markets

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